Karen Schell, CEO

Karen Schell has over 30 years of experience in the area of healthcare. She has been a stakeholder in the organization for more than 20 years. Karen states, that Acumen Medical Imaging + Interventional has a reputation as key advisers and thinking partners in the delivery of patient care. “Our mission is for us to keep patient care as the central focus-doing the right thing, for every patient every time. With our core values of teamwork, integrity, and clinical excellence, we desire to deliver exceptional quality at every customer encounter. This is a result of keeping these important values as our central focus.”

We aspire to a reputation of highly collaborative personable team able to provide quick and accurate results. Our physicians are highly trained, patient advocates providing high quality services through many strong partnerships.

Patients say, “they deliver impressive care that patients are grateful for.” Our referring physicians have said, “They are a trusted resource.”

Our team of Radiologists are experts at uncovering the unknown, A committed, consistent collaborative and accurate resource for the patient and partner healthcare team. We’ve provided services in area for over 70 years.

Karen is thrilled to be part of this team. “We’re looking for ways to offer the highest quality of services by doing the right thing for every patient every time.”